After 2013’s Long.Live.A$AP didn’t quite live up to its hype, despite dominating the charts, New York’s A$AP Rocky is back with his sophomore LP, At.Long.Last.A$AP. 

In the two years since his debut, A$AP Rocky has gone through a multitude of life changes. He became a cultural icon - from fashion to acting Rocky has always been destined for success. The biggest and without a doubt the most unexpected change however came from the death of A$AP Yams who passed away in January at the age of 26 of an apparent drug overdose. This was not just the passing of a dear friend, but the passing of a mentor - the man who believed in Rocky, the man who helped Rocky find his sound, and the man who had been with him every step of the way throughout his journey.

Naturally Rocky has been silent when it comes to talking about the passing of his friend and mentor and has chosen to let the music speak for itself. Which brings us to his long-awaited sophomore album - and at long last we have finally gotten the album we knew A$AP Rocky could make.

Leading up the release of the album A$AP Rocky stated that At.Long.Last.A$AP would be expansive, psychedelic and full of life. The lyrics are deeper; traversing through topics on religion, love, culture, youth, and inspirations. Rocky completely delivers. Famed producer Danger Mouse crafts beautiful sonic landscapes that attaches itself brilliantly to Rocky’s voice to create a cohesive, well thought out, body of work.

Album highlights include “Holy Ghost,” which discusses the tension between selling your soul to the Devil for success and trying to maintain a clean soul at the same time. The song also features newcomer Joe Fox - who Rocky found buskering on the street. The hazy track “Canal St.” which makes mention of the Lower Manhattan crosstown street known for it’s cool spots and good shopping. The ode to drinking lean and broken relationships “Fine Whine,” featuring Atlanta’s Future. “L$D” where Rocky declares his love for all women and psychedelic drugs. The Schoolboy Q assisted “Electric Body” and finally the hypnotic / introspective song “Pharsyde” where A$AP Rocky reflects back on today’s youth and culture.

Rocky’s growth is really shown on At.Long.Last.A$AP. He’s gone beyond what we’ve come to expect from his trippy Houston syrup laced vocals and has managed to blow everyone’s mind with his forward thought provoking psychedelic sound.