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| November 27, 2015

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Back in the 90s

While sipping on an “old fashioned” at Vancouver’s Famous Warehouse on Granville St, I felt a surge of nostalgia. Strange but true, how a twenty-something male could think such deep thoughts while head-bopping to a certain Sir Mix-a-Lot video. But despite my youth, it’s hard not to notice how the world has evolved over my lifetime. What’s more surprising, is how many things have come and gone.

  • Let’s take a moment to reminisce and say farewell to the things that will be forever unique to the 90s.

    Minidisc players

    technical problems. google search this
    That strange, yet universal, modem sound

    technical problems. google this.
    Phones with monochrome pixels

    Limp Bizkit Fans (they came and went too)

    SEGA gaming consoles (my very first console was a Sega Genesis)

    technical problems. google search this
    MTV only played music videos and you spent hours watching

    technical problems. google Pamela Anderson's left arm.
    The barbed wire tattoo

    R&B/Pop songs at the top of the charts (Brandy, Mariah Carey…)

    Everybody was hyping up the new millennium as the start of the space age.
    Calm down now, let’s solve widespread poverty before living out Star Trek.

    The above are only a glimpse of what has become out of date. Do not cry for them; for history is ever evolving much like a growing tree. The leaves that fall down, nourish the roots that feed the growth and promise of tomorrow.

    BTW, peeps the 90s playlist on the next tab.

  • Long live the 90s and here are 11 videos we forgot about: