Micheal Rapaport was a multi-talented hollywood actor that I’d seen before but never really connected with. “was” is the keyword, because now the former statement is no longer true. I say that because he made his directorial debut with, the incredible documentary, Beats Rhymes and Life. The documentary spans over decades but is a result of a 2 year project that involved following the band that is no longer a band: A Tribe Called Quest.

Now, if you’ve heard about this film before than we applaud you cause a Tribe is one of the most influential bands to come out in the 90’s and definitely a favourite at LYFSTYL. If you’ve haven’t heard about this then…get your shit together, fool.

I hadn’t seen the documentary since I was low on cash and refused the urge to download, out of respect for my beloved Tribe. But as the months passed and I waited for the DVD/iTunes release, I found out that it was already up on Netflix. Since I have Netflix, it was a no brainer. I saw the whole thing from 2am to 4am and didn’t think for a second that it was not worth losing sleep for. Brilliant.

So if you’re interested in an informative, entertaining piece of art, go out and watch this asap. Regardless of when you get around to it, support the documentary when you watch it (aka watch it legally). Rappaport (an actor not director by trade) funded the project independently because he was passionate about promoting music that reached out to him.

Here at LYFSTYL we share that passion. Do you?

Words by Snipes.