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| October 18, 2014

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Inspired by Film - Year 2010

In this installment of Inspired by Film, LYFSTYL pitches a battle between 2 acts who have charmed the world since the 90s and the reigning champ of film music, Hans Zimmer. In order to do so, let’s go back 4 years to 2010. This was a time when the film industry put together soundtracks made up of popular acts; most notably AC/DC’s feature in Iron Man 2. However, some movies went further than putting together compilations of billboard’s favourite hits. Below are 3 movies that did just that.

  • Derezzed by Daft Punk

    Tron:Legacy soundtrack

    Daft Punk spent 2 years working with Joseph Trapanese to create 24 original tracks (only 22 were used in the movie). The intention of the collaboration was to create an original score that was a mix of electronic and orchestral music. As far as I’m concerned, the biennial effort produced an incredible soundtrack that worked well with the various themes shown in the film. Furthermore, critical reception of their work was highly rated.


    In Motion by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

    The Social Network soundtrack

    Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails collaborated with his friend and producer Atticus Ross to create the dark and eerie tunes found in The Social Network; furthermore the duo won the Academy Award for best original score in 2010. However, in my opinion, the music is a little bland at times and I don’t view this as their best creation. If you’re interested have a listen to the duo’s latest soundtrack for the movie Gone Girl.


    Dream is collapsing by Hans Zimmer

    Inception soundtrack

    Epic. Enough said.

    BTW, peeps on the second tab to see movie clips for the above titles.

    What’s your take on 2010’s film music? @ wkndhours.

  • Now you’ve heard songs from the original scores, have a look at the films. I’ve done my best to avoid giving any spoilers but if you wanna go in fresh; don’t see what I’ve posted below.


    Directed by Joseph Kosinski

    This was an enjoyable movie with visuals that managed to make the 80’s video-game world seem more like a glimpse into the future…and a future with Olivia Wilde is a future worth getting old for. I gotta admit, the effects were a love-it or hate-it thing but my opinion is that the film brought to screen what I wanted to see and the plot was as good as it could get. After all, it was a remake.


    The Social Network

    Directed by David Fincher

    Although, the movie is partly fictional, it brought together a number of real events in a way that highlighted human nature. Overall, it was such a great piece of storytelling that the public had to be reminded that many liberties were taken in the re-telling of the events. In my opinion the re-occurring theme of betrayal worked very well with what Reznor and Ross put together.



    Directed by Christopher Nolan

    Until, I saw the Wolf of Wall Street, I legitimately thought this was Leonardo DiCaprio’s best role. Having said that, Inception is an incredible piece of work done by one of my favourite directors, Christopher Nolan. Again and again, Nolan utilizes character development and themes of self-realization to mould a realistic perspective of a fictitious world. If you thought the plot and storytelling worked well in this movie, watch everything else that he’s directed.

    What’s your take on 2010’s film music? @ wkndhours.