Australian electronic trio Rüfüs Du Sol, that consists of Jon George, Tyrone Lindqvist and James Hunt creates beautiful genre-bending electronic music that is constantly pushing the boundaries of electronic music forward. We catch up with James Hunt who discloses the group’s origin, inspirations, and their breathtaking sophomore album, Bloom which is out now.

What is the back story of your formation? How far do you three go back?

Tyrone was good friends with Jon’s older brother Alex, they met in boarding school which then brought Tyrone and Jon together. One time in Byron Bay sitting at Jon’s house just off a golf course they bonded over Booka Shade and Trentemøller. It was also that same night they wrote RÜFÜS’ first song, ‘We Left’. Not long after Jon & Tyrone needed a drummer and found me through a friend’s band. Now here we are exploring Milan (Italy) and answering questions for your rad dudes of Toronto. It has been a pretty special journey.

What was everyone doing prior to the start of RÜFÜS?

I was at university in Sydney studying Law. Jon was living on the gorgeous east coast of Byron Bay studying music production at SAE Institute. And Tyrone was full chilling in Sydney working on music and starring in random TV Commercials for his mates.

Let’s talk your new record Bloom. What was the writing process like?

We first started writing Bloom while we were touring ATLAS, and while it was at the end of touring run we were still really busy and moving day-to-day. Between playing Reading Festival and Leeds Festival in 2014 we took the week off and found this 300 year old cottage in Framlingham to set up a DIY studio for the week and flex our writing minds again. This was still very early days of ‘Bloom’, but after touring for so long and neglecting this side of our minds and music capabilities, it was all about reconnecting the dots and the three of us connecting again, learning how to write music together. We shared music we were loving and looking into ideas where we would translate them across - trying to write some feels. Over the next year writing and recoding would take us through Berlin twice, back home to our Sydney studio at 301 Studios, and then many DIY setups across North America.

What/Who has been some of your influences on the new album Bloom?

Touring and being on the road became a very big influence on Bloom; just as much as the feeling of coming home and that push and pull between the two when you would leave again. We spent a lot of time in Berlin, where we set up a simple studio and focused on writing as much as we could and getting influenced by the city itself. Anytime that we got stuck for writing we could just pop out anywhere at any time of the day or night and catch a DJ or someone we really loved playing. It’s a very engaging and interactive city like that; so much on offer if you’re will to explore. Berlin was definitely a major influence.

What can we expect from your live show besides amazing music?

When we approach the live show I think a really exciting thing for us is to re-imagine the songs and try to bring a new dimension and new journey to our music. A big part of what we do whether it be writing a record or performing it live, is that sense of progression and that sense of tension and release. We’ve been absorbing so much live music lately so there are a million little things we want to try.

From Left to Right: Jon George, Tyrone Lindqvist and James Hunt.

How have you guys as performers and as RÜFÜS evolved since you first began playing shows?

I think that you go through different stages of performances and there is a lot of trial and error, but we have definitely come to know our place and be comfortable within that pocket of performing live. You can be over the top and be underwhelming, but once you hit that pocket and it feels good and you’re playing to the best of your ability, there is nothing that you can compare it with.

Getting to that stage was a huge realization for us and we are all so lucky to have found that spot, as individuals and as a band. When we are all smiling at each other and feeling that collective vibe on stage of just really enjoying playing music between each other, there is nothing that can beat it.

So you have a show in Toronto on April 7th – Do you have anything that you’re keen on doing when you get to Toronto?

We love Toronto and have been through a few times before. It is a beautiful city. I think last time we spent half a day just exploring it with our sound guy Cam, he knows the place pretty well too. We can’t wait to hit the stage again at MOD CLUB. If you see us come say hey, give us a high-five and tell us what we should do on our next day off 🙂

RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Bloom is out now on Sweat It Out. Stream via Spotify and Apple Music, or download a copy on iTunes. Catch them live on April 7th at the Mod Club in Toronto, Canada.