YouTube user Eddy Gorgo has filmed his acid trip that took place in the Indian desert of Thar. The video his hilarious, uplifting, and at moments philosophical. Check it out above.

Here’s is a excerpt from his YouTube channel:

well video was just shot in the starting of Trip, & what i had experienced in next 25 Hours i cant describe it in totality, its infallible, & no camera can shot it except my own eyes ,utter bliss to make me cry, terror, Beauty & Nuclear bomb exploded inside my Skull. while facing Sun & as i closed my eyes ,i see Supreme light ,its Greatness is beyond words ,i had never seen anything brighter, & beautiful than that , i become one with Supreme,all thoughts cease to exist at that moment ,i lost memory of Track , it was Pure Divine Bliss, it encompass all existence , after that vision of Supreme only a single thought come in my mind, that now Even if Death will kill me i dont care & but in those moments of awe & wonder in Praise i lift my hands towards Universe.