Photo Credit: David Black

The recent surge of bass music and future-garage dance numbers pouring out of the UK is turning everyone’s attention to the rapidly growing scene. With powerhouses like Bondax, Disclosure, and Jamie xx leading the way, young producers are clamoring their sounds together to push the genre in a constantly evolving direction. Music channels like Eton Messy are propelling the genre forward and showcasing underground producers, which is helping push the standard and exposure of future-garage to unprecedented levels. Armeria, hailing from Derby, is joining the slew of up-and-comers out of the UK. Following closely behind producers such as Polkadot, TJPN, Booddha, Bodhi, and Sweater Beats (New York based), he is quickly proving himself to be a more than capable music wizard.

Starting his release repertoire off with mellow, sexy beats rippling with lush synths, melancholic landscapes so evocative that your heart aches coupled with smooth basslines, Armeria landed himself a growing fanbase. After releasing the tracks ‘While I’ve Got it Together’ and a collaboration with Karma Kid titled ‘Do Me Wrong,’ Armeria changed his direction in music releases. In an interview with Avenue Mag, he mentioned how he was looking to make more danceable tunes which wouldn’t feel displaced in a club.

Armeria’s beats are focused, well-written and are completely capable of fitting into a myriad of environments. With songs like ‘What You Need’ and ‘Let’s Go Somewhere,’ they have a clear poppy element to them, grooving along and taking us on a dreamy trip through clouds of nostalgic sexual encounters. In the course of a year Armeria made serious moves towards his goal of evolving his sound, and he’s still in the fruits of figuring out his production style.

Solid music is coming out of Armeria and deserves to have attention put on him for future releases. From his choice selections of vocal samples (successfully incorporating Busta Rhymes? Yes please), gorgeous melodies and keen aptitude for evolving his production, more gold is on the horizon for him.

Most of his tracks are up for free download on his SoundCloud page.