Tadanori Yokoo, is one of Japan’s most prolific and internationally recognized artist specializing in graphic design, illustrating, and painting.

Yoke introduced the world to his groundbreaking designs during the 1960s, perhaps best known for his psychedelic posters and album covers for many of the notable musicians of the era.

Check out some of his stunning art work below:

“Made in Japan, Tadanori Yokoo, Having Reached a Climax at the Age of 29, I Was Dead, was a mix of messages.”

Earth, Wind & Fire, 1978

Emerson, Lake & Palmer concert poster, 1972

Tangerine Dream, 1976

Cat Stevens, 1972

Santana - Lotus 1974

The Beatles, 1972

Beatles – Star Club, 1977

Tadanori Yokoo

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