The longest performing rock band of all time, The Rolling Stones have greatly influenced rock and roll throughout the decades. Beginning as part of the British Rock Invasion of the 1960s, the Rolling Stones quickly became the “bad-boy” band with an image of sex, drugs, and wild behavior. Yet there’s another side to it, a band that had been dedicated to music and continuously work hard to give happiness to their fans. In accordance with the 50th anniversary of the Rolling stones, let’s take a quick look on their journey in the music industry.

The Rolling Stones was forms in 1962 taking the name of the band from one of the songs of Muddy Waters. According to (which by the way has the best Rolling Stone graphics around) their first ever gig was at The Marquee Clun in London. Things didn’t come smoothly that instant. They had their fair share of poor reviews and low turnouts until their single (I cant get no) Satisfaction came out. Thus starting their huge career.

In 1966, after The Beatles stopped giving live performances, The Rolling Stones took over as the unofficial “biggest touring band in the world” for the next few years. During 1966-1969 they toured the world, and constantly updated their song-list with many great hits like “Lets Spend the night together” (1967), “Sympathy for the Devil” (1968) and “Honky tonk woman” (1969).

During the 1970s The Rolling Stones remained the biggest band in the world, even though they were rivaled by the Led Zeppelin. The Stones made thousands of live performances and multi-million record sales with hits like “Angie” (1973), “It’s Only Rock and Roll” (1974), “Hot Stuff” (1976) and “Respectable” (1978). Since then they remained one of the biggest entertainment acts touring the world with a retinue of jet-set hangers-on. Their inimitable shows, no matter the best, or the worst, has been played with fire and emotion, giving their audiences the kind of music they do best - it’s only rock’n roll.

The 1980’s had been a slow decade for The Stones following a huge number of controversies and fighting within the band. But they all work it out by the late 1980’s and reunite for the year 1990. The 1990’s and the 2000’s were good years again for the Stones.

In total, The Rolling Stones have released 55 albums of original work and compilations, and sold over 200 million records word-wide during their career spanning over 45 years. “The Stones” played in all kinds of spaces from small clubs to big stadium arenas. In 2007 they even rocked the Tsar’s Winter Palace with fifty thousand fans in St. Petersburg, Russia, where the communist revolution took place. They gave more large-scale shows internationally than any other existing band in the world, culminating in their 2005-2007 “A Bigger Band” tour with 147 concerts, the highest grossing tour of all time with $559 million earned.

It’s not clear what 2013 will mean for the Rolling Stones, but the band has hinted they’ll play more dates. It’s glad to know that we haven’t seen the last of our favorite rock band. Indeed they are more than 50 in the music industry and still rocking it out!

 Words by Marie Felipe