Naturally Eminem is number one on everyone’s list, as the greatest ‘White Rapper of All-time’. Some would even go as far to label him the greatest overall rapper or the best lyricist of All-time. This list aims to bring attention to some of the other great/decent white rappers out there - that are carving a piece out of the rap pie for themselves.

Lists like these can often piss off some readers. These artists were chosen by a mixture of criteria: influence, lyricism, record sales, longevity, uniqueness, and the overall awesome factor.

10. Machine Gun Kelly

9. Asher Roth

8. Action Bronson

7. Yelawolf

6. Slug (Atmosphere)

5. Mac Miller

4. G-Eazy

3. Aesop Rock

2. El-P

1. Eminem

Update: Macklemore was replaced for G-Eazy.

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