Last week Drake unveiled the music video for his hit track “Hotline Bling”, premiering it exclusively through Apple Music. One week later, social media still cannot get enough of Drake’s hilarious dance moves and new meme’s have been popping up by the minute without an end in sight. We’ve rounded up ten of our favourite “Hotline Bling” memes for your enjoyment below.

  • Watch the full video above.

10. Drake slapping Nicki Minaj’s Ass

9. Jedi Drake Lightsaber Tricks

8. Canadian Election

7. When you don’t get charged extra for guac at chipotle

6. Carlton vs. Drake (Dance off)

5. Star Trek judging Drake Bling

4. Hotline SpongeBob

3. Napoleon Dynamite Bling-Off:

2. Gotta catch them all - Pokemon Bling

  1. Suavemente Hotline Bling